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To get your household unit repaired, the following procedures apply.
Please note that prices quoted are correct at time of publication but may change without notice.

Workshop repairs - Warranty

Workshop repairs - Extended Warranty

Workshop repairs - Non-Warranty

In-home repairs

Faults not covered by warranty

Insurance Jobs

How to Pay

Workshop repairs - Warranty
For work that is covered under warranty, we require the following details when you book the unit in at our workshop:
  • Brand
  • Model Name, Model Code and/or Model Number (usually marked on the unit)
  • Serial Number (usually marked on the unit)
  • Date of Purchase
  • Place of Purchase
  • Proof of Purchase (i.e. your original purchase receipt)
  • Your full details including your name, residential address and phone number
If the fault with the unit is found NOT to be a warranty issue (even though the product is still under warranty), an inspection fee of $66 or $88 will apply (depending on the size of the unit). In this case, you would be contacted before further work is undertaken, and you would be liable for the full cost of any repairs. If you decline to have the unit repaired, the inspection fee is payable on collection of the unit.
Check here for examples of faults that are not covered under warranty.

Workshop repairs - Extended Warranty
If you require repairs under terms of your extended warranty (which you may have purchased through the store at the time you bought the unit), you need to contact either the store or the extended warranty company before you bring the unit to us. We need to get authorisation from the extended warranty company before we can begin work on your unit. They may provide you with a reference number that we will need when you book the unit in, or they may contact us directly. The store or extended warranty company will advise you of the exact procedure.

Workshop repairs - Non-Warranty
For all repairs not covered by warranty or extended warranty, you will pay an inspection fee of $66 or $88 (depending on the size of the unit) when you book the unit it. We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS. Repairs under a certain cost will be completed automatically. Over this cost, you will be contacted before we proceed. If repairs are completed, the inspection fee becomes part-payment of the total cost of the repair. If you decline to have the repair completed, you will collect the unit and we keep the inspection fee.

In-home repairs
If your unit is above a certain size and is still under warranty or extended warranty, it may be covered for in-house warranty.
If you are not covered for in-house warranty, there is an initial service-call fee ($99 in most Central Coast areas) plus the inspection fee that depends on the size and type of unit (e.g. $88 inspection fee for a TV, $66 inspection fee for most audio equipment). Hence, the minimum charge for an In-home service call is $165 for audio, $187 for a TV. Further costs may apply for parts and the completion of repairs. [Service call and Inspection Fees as at January 2022.]
If your unit has to be removed from your premises for repairs and then returned to you, only one service-call fee is charged.

Faults not covered by warranty
We will not be able to repair your unit under warranty or extended warranty if there is evidence of:

  • Water damage
  • Physical damage through misuse of the unit
  • Lightning damage
  • Power surge
  • Cockroach infestation

Insurance Letters
There is an additional $22 charge for any job where the customer requires an insurance letter.

How to pay
For over-the-counter and in-home repairs, we accept payments by cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS. We do not accept cheques.

For further enquiries,

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Last Updated: 11 January 2022